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How to export VCF file to BlackBerry

VCF or vCard file is a file format standard for electronic business card. Below are the way how I used to export it to my BlackBerry.

1. Combine all the vcf file into one file. If you are in windows environment you can use below command. Make sure your working directory is correct.

type * > all_contacts.vcf

2. Download and install ABC Amber vCard converter. This software can convert vcf file to ipd file which is recognized by BlackBerry. Click BlackBerry icon to convert the selected contact.


3. Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager, click restore and choose your earlier ipd that has been converted.


4. If everything is ok, then you will see dialog box like this.


That’s all. Good Luck. ;)

WARNING !! This will replace all your current contact with those records.

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